3 Macro-Nutrients necessary for Weight-loss

#1 Carbohydrate: ALL carbohydrate foods turn into sugar. We need sugar for brain function and muscle power. Carbs are best eaten earlier in the day when we can burn the calories off with activity. The “bad” carbs are the donuts and sugar sweetened coffee you have in the morning to “wake up” your brain, absorbing quickly, causing a massive dopamine or “happy” release making you want more carbs; that’s why carbs are addictive! The Simple carbs YOU SHOULD AVOID are candy, milk shakes, fruit juice and fiberless soft, fluffy foods like white rice, white bread and donuts!    

This is the thing…healthy, productive carbs are called Complex carbs; still a sugar but complex because of the fiber: whole grains (oatmeal, brown rice, Ezekiel bread) ~ whole fruit ~ dried fruit (no sulfites added!) ~ raw nuts and seeds ~ veggies and beans are good weight-loss foods or weight-management foods because:

  • Fiber slows the exit of food in the stomach. For instance, fruit juice takes 10 minutes to completely empty from the stomach giving you a quick energy release. This will also make you hungry again in a very short time! But a WHOLE fruit will take up to 20 minutes to digest–because of the fiber–and gives you a slow and consistent release of energy
  • Some fiber becomes a gelatinous form which slows digestion to help the body absorb vital nutrients
  • Fiber helps move food through your digestive tract more quickly for healthy elimination


#2 Fat: is a macro-nutrient essential for brain power. Fat is our body’s source of fuel, NOT carbohydrates. We have been taught that fat makes us fat. That is partly true: Unhealthy fats like margarine and hydrogenated oils or partially hydrogenated oils, roasted nuts, roasted seeds; packaged breaded chicken and all fried foods served in restaurants (a trans-fat) SHOULD BE AVOIDED AT ALL COST! Any oils chemically manufactured are poisonous to our bodies and will be delivered to our fat cells to accumulate until we stop the destructive process!

This is the thing…the repercussions of living WITHOUT Fat are many. Common problems with low-fat diets include developing old looking skin; body temperature regulation, proper absorption of vitamins A, E and D and health issues ranging from muscle weakness to retardation of growth. In addition, artificial flavors and sugars are added into low-fat and fat-free flavorless foods! Because fat is a very important nutrient, we need to make sure it is heart healthy so not to hinder our health or our weight-management.

Heart healthy oils and fatty foods are: olives ~ avocado ~ butter ~ cream cheese ~ sour cream ~ half and half cream ~ raw nuts ~ raw seeds ~ pastured raised eggs ~ wild caught fish ~ flax seed oil ~ avocado oil ~ macadamia nut oil ~ olives oil.

Heart healthy fats will:

Carry fat soluble vitamins A,E,D to the cells

  • Make meals tastier and more satisfying
  • Slow down the release of insulin to stabilize blood sugar
  • Give the feeling of fullness-keeps us satisfied longer after meals
  • Provide optimum lubrication for the colon
  • Nourish the cell membranes to the skin and scalp
  • Stimulate the body to produce more fat-burning hormones!

#3 Protein: If you don’t think protein is important, it affects every cell in our body! You get the greatest amounts of protein from red meat ~ chicken ~ fish ~ eggs ~ cheese ~ cottage cheese ~ Greek yogurt ~ nuts and nut butters ~ seeds.

Get a daily intake of 65-85 mg. Protein is needed to:

  • Produce enzymes and hormones
  • Repair tissue and for the building of muscle, bone, cartilage, skin and blood
  • Hair and nails are mostly protein
  • Shut down cravings in the brain. Next to fat, protein is a natural appetite suppressant 

This is the thing…the Process of fat-loss is to fire-up your metabolism. It takes 3-5 hours for foods high in protein to digest in the stomach; that means the metabolism is “working out” and burning fat for 3-5 hours.  Don’t miss that principle!  Your metabolism can have it’s own work-out everyday with proteins. Eating about 200 calories worth of protein as an evening snack can help you sleep more sound, wake refreshed, gain muscle and lose weigt!

Gerri Gatto, Author of The nofad Weight Loss program