The nofad Weight Loss Program was created with the tools of knowledge to help you live an empowered life and become the Master of your own fate. You will learn which carbs are good for you and you’ll learn the truth about fats and how taking fats out of our diets has actually caused obesity. Obesity is on the rise in spite of the low fat foods available to us.

I’m Gerri Gatto, a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, 20 years of experience working with people as a health consultant and educator. My goal for each person, who desires to lose weight, is to change their thinking about the quick weight loss “pill” and make them understand how food could work for them! Modern fad diets WILL CHANGE your weight on the scale with little to no loss of body fat.  Fad diet companies promote their very expensive products and give false hope of quick and permanent weight loss. I was tired of people falling victim to corporate greed. Thus, The nofad Weight Loss Program was designed. The education received from 10 weekly sessions and 11 weeks of personal coaching will empower you with tools of knowledge to become independent of weight loss scam forever! And I will teach you why your weight comes back with a vengeance and how to prevent that from ever happening again! While most weight loss diets focus on drastically lowering caloric intake or pills and other products to lower your appetite, I focus on nutrition and balance to help you create a new way of thinking about yourself and your connection with food. I will teach you how to eat with a purpose. Obesity has a strong hold on us in the United States, now even touching our children. According to the Surgeon General report in 2008, obesity is responsible for 300,000 deaths every year in the United States.


The nofad Weight Loss Program works because it is a fun and motivational way to loss weight and make you realize your full potential. It is a successfully proven, life changing experience. Unlike modern fad diets that are short term with a weak foundation for permanent weight loss, The nofad Weight Loss Program will show you how to build a solid foundation for a strong, healthy body so you can take control of your life once again. The 10 week program will teach you:


  • How and what foods turn to fat
  • What foods work for you and work against you
  • How exercise and proper sleep can reduce stress and help weight loss
  • What it means to detoxify and why it is so important
  • How water can be beneficial in weight loss (when not to drink it and how to make it taste good)
  • How certain foods eaten together can hinder the digestive system and weight loss
  • How to identify additives in foods that cause toxicity and hinder weight loss
  • Mind/body connection that makes us unsuccessful year after year in losing weight
  • Why we crave certain foods
  • Why certain foods make us crave more of the same unhealthy food
  • How to replace nutritionally depleted foods with nutritionally rich foods (making your calories count)
  • Why you feel bloated or tired after eating a good meal
  • When to eat your dessert!

You will receive each week for 10 consecutive weeks a set of instructions along with one on one coaching. This is how you begin your weight loss journey. When you sign up with the program, you’ll fill out your profile so we can better assist you in your weight loss goals. At the bottom of the page you’ll click Finish and receive a schedule calendar of days and times. Choose a convenient day and time to meet with The nofad Weight Loss coach.  You’ll meet with your coach by phone or meet at the office located in Barrington. Each week you will be emailed your weekly session of instructions. Other payment plans would involve less coaching sessions, so whatever amount of coaching that you plan on, it will last approximately 1 hour per coaching session. The coaching you’ll receive will be informative, instructional and motivational.

If you need extra coaching throughout the week, The nofad Weight Loss coach is always a text message or email away for ‘on the spot’ coaching. At the end of the 10th weekly session, you will be sent an email link for an ‘Exit Interview’ to be filled out. Because most people will need additional coaching, we make a follow-up via email 3 weeks after you fill out the Exit Interview and send it back and again in another 3 weeks. So at one of those times or on both times we can discuss any setbacks, concerns or questions. It may require only a few emails back and forth or perhaps a phone consultation if necessary.  Our goal is to see you succeed.

We are all very unique with social, economic and cultural differences. Job and family situations make us distinct from one another also. You will advance at your own pace and still eat foods that you’re accustomed to. The nofad Weight Loss Program works thru your circumstances, giving you the freedom of personal expression that will empower you with confidence for a lifetime.  




There are literally thousands of food products to choose from. You’ll be making best choices with our grocery list


Moving is important. We show you how to stay motivated and have fun


Snacking suggestions that keep the metabolism burning fat


Your kitchen will become a place with new ideasfor food preparation and Food Combining that will keep your metabolism strong


We will show you how to create simple menu changes that make eating out enjoyable


We give you one on one personal weekly coaching along with Website recommendations toadd to your resources for extra support


Desserts are part of life. We will teach you how to enjoy them guilt FREE


We show you how you can eat the foods you are accustomed to without sabotaging your weight loss efforts