About Gerri Gatto

The nofad Weight Loss Coach

The Let me tell you why I developed The nofad Weight Loss Program. I was tired of people falling victim to corporate greed with the
modern fad diets,
losing tons of weight only to gain back what they lost and more. These past 20 years I have worked with men and women to give them the tools of knowledge about losing weight the healthy way and become independent of weight loss scams forever!

The “low-fat, no-fat” craze and the unrealistic calorie restrictions are very dangerous for your body and leave you vulnerable for failure. Quick weight loss schemes leave you frustrated and discouraged and are guaranteed to fail! Lucky for you, failure isn’t fatal. Wouldn’t it be great to get rid of the mistaken beliefs that make us fear the word diet? Just as the title suggests, I give you common sense “no fad” strategies and proven facts using food to lose weight; a Snack Foods list, different ideas for Restaurant Eating, Meal Menus, Food Combining chart and much more for everyday life, creating healthy habits, not restrictions.

This manual addresses the puzzle pieces that fit together the what, when and how our bodies need to lose weight and to keep it off
FOREVER. The real changes come from thinking differently about food. You won’t be afraid of food anymore, enjoying food and NOT
enduring a diet! I give many personal and practical
stories and examples in this manual for the
purpose of applying it to your own lifestyles. You’ll have your own success story; the way it was meant to be—a lifestyle change that changes your shape!

Happy to be Gerri Gatto,
Founder and Author of
The nofad Weight Loss program