~ Cleansing Organs ~

Anytime is a good time to help your body get rid of toxic waste. Did you know that your body is naturally detoxing every second? We’re mostly familiar with the work of the bladder and colon, but these other detoxing organs should get our attention:

  • Liver: the work of digesting healthy fats; hormone transmit; destroys foreign invaders like bacteria, parasites, viruses. The liver does NOT digest non-ingestible food like artificial coloring and preservatives, meds and chemically-engineered cheap cooking oils; resulting in an overworked immune system attacking good cells and causing an autoimmune response creating painful joint/muscle inflammatory distress or diseases, food intolerances /bowel disorders and allergies!
  • Kidneys: for detoxing waste, purifying the blood and filtering them out through excretion
  • Skin: the largest organ of protection and defense, releasing toxins by way of sweat. Sometimes our skin show signs of stress that our other organs cannot meet up to their tasks sufficiently with rashes, dermatitis, acne and hives
  • Lymphatic vessels: run from the top of our head to the bottom of our feet; detoxifies and protects, capturing bacteria, viruses, fungus so these invaders don’t have a chance of making us sick. The lymph nodes can hurt to the touch when full to capacity; if working insufficient or overwhelmed by toxic waste, the transportation of waste will be hindered and immune system compromised showing signs of fever, head ache, muscle soreness and lethargy
  • Lungs: a respiratory organ but also a cleansing organ to detox and purify the blood. Carbon dioxide is a waste product made from the process of converting food into energy and removed by the lungs through exhaling
  • Nose and throat: filters or protects us from dust and pollutants that should never be entering our lungs
  • Fat cells – storage for: toxic artificial preservatives, coloring and flavoring, cheap oils processed with dangerous petro solvents, GMO corn fed livestock, OTC meds/pain killers and the over-consumption of excess calories
  • Stomach: in the enzymatic response of the presence of food, hormones begin to secrete, breaking-up food to assist in the assimilation of minerals, vitamins and amino acids

This is the thing… part of detoxing our organs can be by   eliminating toxic foods and then introducing foods that help to build/cleanse organs. S. Truett Cathy quoted: “Food is essential to life; therefore make it good!” STOP burdening your organs:

  • Eliminate: all partially hydrogenated oils found in margarine fried foods, frozen breaded chicken, chips ~ all processed foods including white bread ~ foods with toxic preservatives
  • Lessen trips to: coffee shops for mochas and cappuccino “designer” coffee ~ fast food restaurants
  • Lower environmental pollutants: open windows when exhaust fumes enter car and fireplace wood-burning fumes back-up into house ~ close windows to house when burning leaves/wood outside and insect/weed spraying!
  • Avoid! mineral oil and other petro chemicals found in hair, face and body products ~ deodorants ~ aerosol air fresheners
  • Limit sugar! use ½ the amount of sugar in recipes ~ buy organic ~ replace sugar with stevia in lemonade
  • Stop pollutants from entering airways: Sinus cleanse with nasal spray of Grape Seed Extract (GSE)/Xylitol ~ Neti pot
  • Flush out toxic waste: drink water throughout the day; 50% of your desired body weight in ounces for best results
  • Dry brush skin to: stimulate lymphatic system ~ increase circulation ~ improve digestion and kidney function
  • Lower toxic foods – buy organic: apples ~ strawberries ~ celery ~ carrot ~ peppers ~ greens (spinach, kale, salads)
  • Enzyme supplement or After-meal digestive aids: fresh pineapple ~ apple ~ papaya ~ ginger tea (recommended brand: Prince of Peace) to prepare food for mineral absorption
  • Help support liver detox with these foods: artichokes, leeks, onion, garlic, kale (organic), brussel sprouts ~ pears, avocados, watermelon ~ free range chicken eggs
  • Alkalize and gently detox liver – infuse in water: fresh lemon, lime, cucumber ~ powder or liquid greens
  • Relieve the liver of unwanted stress: lecithin granules help emulsify the accumulation of fat in the liver
  • Absorb toxins – consume oils of: avocado ~ olive ~ flax seed daily for absorbing toxins and lubricating the intestinal walls, assisting the toxins to be eliminated out


Let food be thy medicine ~ Hippocrates ~

 Gerri Gatto, The nofad Weight Loss coach