Cut the Clutter!!  Start with one room, one space, one drawer that really bugs you or is always messy. Remember the last news note about the cluttered brain?  Remember, it takes an average of 2 minutes to find one item.  Well, that applies to this kind of clutter also. If you can find 2 things on this list below that can help, then I have succeeded in helping you organize your home.  I don’t know about you, but that makes me breath better!  What’s your clutter???

  • Stacks of papers that need folders, labeled and put in a file cabinet 
  • Catalogs and magazines scattered around the house can be layered flat down on a book shelf
  • A ‘junk’ drawer that needs an organizing tray
  • Closet needing extra room/give away to someone or a resale store
  • Garage that can’t fit your car into it needs hooks and a tool cabinet to keep things OFF the floor
  • Dresser drawer that is messy needs a box with small compartments for jewelry and/or smaller items   
  • Basement that has boxes on the floor and attracting bugs needs shelving for storing boxes and containers
  • Children’s momentous items all over the house needs a “keepsake” bin to store their special items 
  • Entrance way with shoes, hats and gloves thrown all over the floor or on the nearest table or chair needs a plastic bin in the closet or a decorative shelf by the door. An over the door shoe holder can hold those items also 
  • Baby clothes that do not fit now can be stored under the crib in colorful plastic bins that match the bedroom colors
  • Ladies’ tools (light weight hammer, 12ft. tape measure, thin nails, glue gun, etc.) instead of the extra heavy duty tools of your husbands, these smaller light weight tools can be placed in a plastic shoe box 
  • Stuff that you don’t want to throw out, but is still useful for later, can be stored and stacked in colorful bins. Limit the amount to 2 or 3 the most

My daughter wasn’t using a 3 drawer plastic bin anymore for clothes, so she used it to store her little boy’s cars and trucks in. The top drawer is smaller so the smaller cars go in that drawer. Good idea!! The room looks neat and he knows where to find what he’s looking for in a moment. We don’t realize it, but we teach our children how to be cluttered when we give them a toy box.  Everything has to get thrown out for them to find the little toy that has worked it’s way to the bottom.  And so begins the “JUNK DRAWER” syndrome. 

Now I have a theory about toys. Children get very confused when they have too many things to play with.  When it came time to get rid of toys, I got  my children involved by letting them choose between 2 items at a time. I kept the one they chose and gave the other away. We did this until they had all the toys in the room accounted for. So in the end they had 1/2 the toys they started with, but played and enjoyed them 2x more!  
This is the thinglife is already complicated with job and school schedules, doctor appointments, building relationships to name a few, why not simplify it by having a place for everything and everything in it’s place. Having a place for everything means you know where something is at in an instance and you know where to put it back without a second thought.  
Did you know that we have internal clutter that needs clearing out?  Fresh lemon water using the juice of one lemon with a little honey, every day for a month or two at a time, can help cleanse the liver and gallbladder. Cleansing doesn’t stop there; we can cleanse by switching a few produce foods out for organic and switch to grass fed meat and free range chickens and eggs. And FYI: This will help clear your thoughts to give you more creative ideas about organizing your home!
Happy to be

Gerri Gatto, The nofad Weight Loss coach