Every bite you take is either fighting disease or feeding it”

~Heather Morgan~

Cholesterol: is a dietary fat. But did you know that our liver PRODUCES cholesterol? One way to lower our bad cholesterol is by changing our diet. We can also keep our liver clean to help relieve the strain and stress put on it from slime and slush of chemicals and processed foods so it can do its job at ease. The opposite of AT ease is DIS-ease!

This is the thing … cholesterol is a necessary fat that we need to survive. It is measured by the high density HDL (that removes dangerous fat) and low density LDL (the fat that clings to the walls of our arteries). Although low-fat and fat-free would seem like an obvious solution, it does not negate the fact that we need fat and all its benefits. Most people on a “fat-free” diet are under-nourished for nutrients and craving for satisfaction that fat gives us in our diet. Low-fat yogurt, ice cream, donuts and syrups do not replace heart healthy foods rich in phytonutrients and fiber! When diagnosed with high cholesterol, the first thing most people will do is stop eating fat; only to replace fatty foods with salty processed foods and sugar-laden low-fat foods that are…artery clogging! It’s a vicious circle but not a hopeless cause. Fat is part of every cell, so let’s look at…The function of fats in our diet:

  • Provides energy and energy reserve
  • Feeds the brain and nerve cells!
  • Nourishes skin and hair
  • Insulates the body from extreme temperatures
  • Cushions vital organs from shock
  • Provides satiety (a feeling of fullness after eating)
  • Carries fat-soluble Vit. A,E and D and essential fatty acids to cells
  • Contributes to aroma/flavor in foods (which is why we enjoy eating!)
  • Helps in producing many hormones

FAT, Good or Bad? Of course, most people think fat makes us fat and that fat causes heart disease. And it can, if it’s the wrong kind of fat. These foods raise the bad cholesterol LDL and also lower good cholesterol HDL:

  • Partially hydrogenated fats: margarine ~ cheese spreads (Velveeta) ~ coffee creamers. Oils processed with petro chemicals (corn/vegetable oils, non-organic canola oil and cottonseed oil) used in the kitchen for cooking and salads~ in baked goods~ salad dressings~ and almost every convenient food on the grocery shelf!
  • Trans-fats in fried foods: potato chips~ French fries~ frozen pre-packaged breaded chicken~ doughnuts~ roasted nuts
  • High cholesterol foods: chicken skin and dairy desserts

About now you’re probably saying, “What can I eat?” There are plenty of foods to eat! Read on…

There are so many healthy fats that you can choose to eat!

  • Avocado, a serving size per day can raise good cholesterol HDL
  • Eggs, pastured (yokes, an excellent source of healthy cholesterol/fat)
  • Full-fat yogurts, full-fat cream cheese and full-fat cream because low-fat is usually loaded down with artificial sugars and flavoring
  • Butter, a saturated fat, NOT a trans-fat
  • Cheese, full-fat including full-fat (4%) cottage cheese
  • Olive oil, Avocado oil, Macadamia oil clean up and absorb cholesterol
  • RAW Nuts: almond, pecan, walnut, cashew, macadamia, hazelnut and chestnut (peanuts are not a nut!)
  • Fish, wild caught (farm-raised fish is inferior/toxic) and grass-fed meat


More ways to lower bad cholesterol:

  • Instead of frying, bake using olive oil or avocado oil
  • Remove the skin of chicken before eating
  • Eat all saturated fats with limitations. They are butter, sausage, bacon and cheese, milk, yogurt and cream
  • Never allow cooking-oil to brown. Butter, Hemp, extra virgin Olive oil and Coconut oil have a very weak Smoke Point (SP) and can burn very easily. Burnt butter and oils can turn a healthy oil/fat into a trans-fat! High Smoke Point cooking-oils: virgin Olive oil (420O SP), refined Peanut oil (450o SP), refined Sunflower oil (450o SP), Olive pomace oil or extra light Olive oil (460o SP), Avocado oil (520o,SP)
  • Refrigerate opened bottles of oil. Left out for only 1 hour can create rancidity; unhealthy for ingesting and a hidden cause of disease!
  • Consume foods that block bad cholesterol from absorbing: Whole Grains: brown rice~ quinoa~ millet~ buckwheat groats~ oats (oat meal)~ barley; Whole Fruits high in pectin: apples~ oranges~ pears~ grapefruit~ blueberries~ plum~ cranberries; Legumes; Veggies: carrots~ peas~ okra~ sweet potatoes~ brussel sprouts
  • Replace low-fat dairy foods with full-fat. Low-fat cheeses, yogurts and coffee creamer have added sugars/artificial sweeteners and partially hydrogenated fats that are pro-inflammatory “foods”!
  • Eliminate Omega6 oils and prepare meals/salads with oils rich in Omega3 and 9: Olive~ Flaxseed~ Macadamia~ Hemp
  • Bind cholesterol in the gut with Psyllium husk and Flaxseed meal (keep refrigerated); both are very high in dietary fiber that can remove or “sweep clean” bad cholesterol, reducing inflammation in the body
  • Supplement with Omega3 fish oil and/or Flaxseed oil from Barlean’s
  • Cleanse and relieve the liver of dis-ease with lemon water. Drinking pure water every hour will flush out toxins from the liver

Gerri Gatto,The nofad Weight Loss coach/ MoreThanJustaDiet@gmail