Maybe ‘fat is where it’s at’ after all. Hi Everyone. Did you know that without fat in your body you would die?


  • Is our bodies source of fuel (We were always taught is was carbohydrates-it’s not)
  • insulates the body and cushions the vital organs like a shock absorber
  • Carries fat soluble vitamins to the cells,
  • Makes meals tastier and more satisfying
  • Slows down the release of insulin to stabilize blood sugar (a good thing for weight loss)
  • Makes us feel full
  • Satisfies hunger for a longer period of time
  • Provides optimum lubrication for the colon
  • Nourishes the cell membranes to our skin and scalp
  • Stimulates the body to produce more fat burning hormones (another good thing for weight loss)

So that means WITHOUT FAT we have old looking skin, would freeze to death in 60 degree temperature and feel dissatisfied with our food all the time. Our vitamin A, E and D cannot get properly absorbed without fat. Health issues from muscle weakness to retardation of growth are all common problems with low fat diets.

This is the thing- the heart and brain need fat to function.  So let’s get the good fats in us once again and stop this LOW-FAT non sense.   Food manufacturers have to add sugar and artificial flavor to these low fat foods because without the fat the foods have no taste.  In case you are not familiar with bad fats, they are hydrogenated oils, margarine, fried foods, processed oils of high heat and roasted nuts and seeds.

Good healthy fats are olive oil, walnut oil (always purchase these in a glass container or a tin container), avocados, raw nuts, raw seeds, free range eggs, tuna, salmon and fish oils. And let’s not forget that wonderful flax seed oil!  A fat should be eaten at every meal and also with your low fat protein mix. Should you not be satisfied at the end of a good meal then grab a handful of walnuts or almonds. That should do the trick and also feed your heart and brain too.

So the next time someone calls you a ‘fat head’ say “Thanks for noticing.”

Happy to be
Gerri Gatto, your weight loss coach