Hi Everyone. Did you know that your internal body needs “Spring Cleaning” every season? And this is why.

Did you ever breathe car fumes, lawn chemicals, mold, cigarette smoke, burning leaves or wood, new carpet and tile, new car smell, glass or tub and tile cleaner, to name a few?  What’s your favorite smell or most unpleasant smell? Either one could be bad for you. I loved the aroma of gasoline and nail polish when I was a kid, right?  As adults, we know to avoid these toxic smells.

But let’s talk about the chemicals we put on our skin. Would you take petroleum gasoline that you siphoned out of your lawn mower, pour it in a pump bottle and use it to soften your face or wash your hair and body with?  Well, the ingredient list below might not actually say gasoline but check out the other names of petroleum gasoline. See if your deodorant, shaving cream, lip balm, skin and hair care as well as baby products in your home have any of the names that are listed. Petroleum gasoline goes under the names of:

  • Petroleum oil (white petroleum oil) 
  • Prolatum oil
  • Deobase
  • Wax oil
  • Petrolatum 
  • Paraffinum Liquidum  
  • Paraffin (oil or jelly etc.)
  • Mineral oil (heavy, white or light mineral oil) 
  • Mineral jelly
  • White oil

Because skin is porous, this toxic chemical absorbs into your body. Most people are fooled by the manufacturers’ labels promoting the promise of eternal youth. But don’t be fooled anymore. And an FYI, these petroleum products are not only toxic but they dehydrate!!!!  They actually suffocate the skin cells, making the skin old before it’s time!

This is the thing– The liver gets stressed from the overload of the petroleum base products we put on the skin as well the polluted air we breathe, building up potentially dangerous toxins in the liver. A little spring cleaning is needed, even in the summer. A fresh lemon, every day, first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach will continually clean the liver quite nicely. Add a little honey and warm the water for a “tea.” Don’t cheat with the lemon. It has to be a fresh lemon, NOT from a bottle or concentrate.  Add to that regimen, a 2 week liver and blood herbal cleansing formula at the beginning of each season.

And once you start cleaning up the insides, clean up the outside by getting rid of the bad and replacing it with the good. Get creams and soaps for all family members without petroleum in them. Instead, find products that have vegetable glycerin, olive oil, Shea butter, apricot oil, Grapeseed oil and coconut oil in them and use essential oil for aromatherapyThese products won’t clog your skin or hurt your liver. In fact they feed the skin with nutrients. You can find these products at conventional store now, as alot of people are reqesting them. However, you’ll have a much better and larger choice at a health food store. And choose products with the fewest ingredients. But please, always read the ingredients, even if the product comes from a health food store.

Isn’t it a great thing to know the truth and be in charge of your health?

Happy to be
Gerri Gatto, the NoFad weight loss coach