Hi everyone, it’s good to be back on the key board, typing about some helpful hints for the New Year. I remember where I was last year writing my news note. I was visiting my son in Tennessee and I woke at 2a.m.  Something was on my mind to write about.

What is your New Year’s resolution going to be in 2014?  Did you know that we humans are all made of the same stuff?  We are all physical, spiritual and emotional beings.  You really can’t separate them.  But let’s focus on all of them separately anyway.

Physical: That simply means our body.  What will you do this year to improve on your well-being?

  • Eat one organic fruit every day
  • Exercise to help strengthen your heart and give you more energy
  • Lose weight to help you with some ailments that are concerning you at the present time
  • Take a supplement for bone care or better digestive care
  • Learn to say no when you feel overwhelmed
  • Laugh

Spiritual: That is the part of you that relates communicating with God

  • Pray more or start praying
  • Share with a family member about something you got out of reading your Bible
  • Depend on God more for the things you worried about last year
  • Gossip less and pray instead for people
  • Be forgiving when something is said that may be offensive
  • Be thankful

Emotions: That’s the part of you that makes you get up in the morning

  • Whether it’s nice or gloomy outside, act the same way
  • Call or text someone to let them know you’re thinking about them. On a gloomy day that will not only uplift that someone but you also
  • Learn to communicate better. As you would want someone to treat you, treat someone else the same way
  • Sing every day!  Always have a song in case you’re not feeling in the mood.  Having a song in front of you will make a difference. And I don’t have to tell  you that a song on your lips will make your problems seem smaller
  • Learn from your mistakes

All what I have said may seem irrelevant. But taking little steps to improve yourself daily can bring you closer to your goal in for the year 2014. Read books on a subject that you want to improve on; a relationship, financial investing or training your dog in some area

This is the thing…. as human being’s we’re not programed to make unrealistic changes. Not if we are looking for a lifestyle change. That’s what The nofad Weight Loss Program is all about. It’s about a lifestyle change that teaches you to work at your own pace; to help change your thinking and connection with food and teaches you how to eat with a purpose!! This program was created to help people make decisions on their own with the knowledge that I teach them. All this understanding doesn’t happen in a moment so that’s why I set up a 10 week program. Each week, for 10 consecutive weeks, I email you a set of instructions and coach you for 1 hour.  For more information visit me at  www.nofadweightloss.com  or call me at 847-497-8448

So this is my advice to you for your New Year Resolution:

1.    Write it down.  Writing it down means that you’re serious about what you think of your idea. Even if it’s only one idea now, you may have another resolution in the month of May.  And that’s ok. Is there some law that says the “New Year” resolution has to start on January 1st?

2.    Make  summer resolutions for the warm season and  fall and winter resolutions for the colder season

3.    Make small goals. If in the past your New Year resolution didn’t last for more than 2 months, slow it down this time. You can always speed your goal up but you’ll never want to slow down and you’ll stop if discouraged

4.    Put reminders out for yourself. Besides your notebook, leave a picture of your goals to make you excited and looking forward to the next event of  a new goal. For example…

  •  Leave a picture out of a friend you want to contact a couple of times in the year
  •  Leave a picture of your bike on your bathroom mirror so after the cold weather you’ll be reminded to start
  •  Leave a list of people to pray for by your bed
  • Write “Forgiveness” on a small piece of paper and tape it to the mirror. Even if you’re away from the mirror, you’ll see that word  when you need it

5.    Don’t let anyone talk you out of ideas or make fun of you. Sometimes people think if they use “reverse psychology” that you’ll hate yourself enough to make the resolution stick. Remind yourself that they are only trying to help. So just thank them

6.    Any small change is just as important as a huge obvious one. A small change will build on another small change that will be quite noticeable by the end of 2014

7.    Make resolutions for yourself. That’s not being selfish. After all, it’s your resolution! Improving yourself will improve the lives of others around you

8.    Have a buddy system….someone to report your progress to, someone that will be happy for you, be encouraging AND keep you accountable


  Gerri Gatto, The nofad Weight Loss coach