Did you know that we need fat for brain function, vitamin absorption, regulating metabolism and making hormones? Then why are we going fat free everything in the grocery stores?  The Omega’s-3, 6, 9 are essential, which means, 1.) They are important as I already mentioned and 2.) We get these fats from the foods we eat. So if fats are essential then why are we trying to eliminate them out of our diet?

This is the thing…. Omega-6 is from inexpensive oils made from foods produced in the U.S. and produce very high profit margins!  We need Omega-6 for the cell wall integrity and vitality to the heart, just like the Omega-3’s. The problem comes when we get too much, causing inflammation. Omega-6’s are in most packaged foods that we eat. It’s common to hear these days that inflammation is a major cause of heart disease and cancer. Might there be a connection?

The American Heart Association recommends that 5 to 10% of our calories should be from Omega-6’sin the way of nuts and oils. That’s 12 to 22 grams a day. Of course BALANCE is important. For Omega-3’s, the AHA recommends 3 grams a day and that amount should include a supplement. Always consult with your doctor before taking supplements. The University of Maryland Medical Center reported 2:1 or 4:1 as a good ratio for the Omega-6 to 3. The Japanese consume a ratio of 4:1 and they are considered one of the healthiest populations, regardless of their high rate of cigarette smoking!  Here’s the list of where the Omega-6 fatty acids come from and their ratios to Omega-3

·         Corn oil / 83:1

·         Safflower oil / 133:1                                                                  

·         Sesame oil / 138:1                                                                     

·         Grapeseed oil / 676:1

·         Cottonseed oil / 54:1

·         Palm kernel oil / 82% saturated fat and has NO Omega 3’s

·         Palm oil /46:1

·         Canola oil / 3:1 but is GMO unless organic

·         Almond oil / ONLY Omega 6 but rich in monounsaturated fat and high in Vitamin E

·         Sunflower oil /40:1

So are you getting the picture? We are getting an overload of pro-inflammatory ingredients in our foods. According to the World Health Organization the U.S. ranks 38 out of 191 countries in health. That’s not good. Italy is very high at 2 and Japan is 10 on the scale. And here’s a visual for you, Cuba ranks 40!

Here’s what we can do. We can strive to eat more Omega-3’s and Omega-9’s and LESS of Omega-6’s.80% of the fat we consume should be in the form of Omega-9 fatty acids, According to the American Heart Association and the National Cholesterol Education Program. And FYI: purchase all oils in glass or tin containers as plastic can leach into the oil.

Oils high in Omega-9’s or a healthy ratio of Omega-6 to 3’s are:  

·         Extra Virgin Olive oil / High in Omega-9

·         Unrefined Flaxseed oil / 4:1

·         Organic Canola oil / 3:1

·         Unrefined Safflower oil / Omega 6-3 ratio highly imbalanced at 133:1 but it’s 75% Omega-9

·         Unrefined Walnut oil / 5:1

·         Hemp oil / 3:1

·         Hazelnut oil has NO Omega-3 but over 75% Omega-9

·         Walnut oil  / the HIGHEST in Omega-3s and rich in Vitamin E and niacin

·         Refined Peanut oil / 2:1

·         Avocado oil / 12:1 High in Omega 9 plus a high volume of Vitamin E

Macadamia nut oil / 1:1 and 83% Omega-9


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