Hello everyone and Happy Harvest Day. Did you know that there is a purpose for the three chasing arrows? These chasing arrows are always located on the bottom of all plastic containers and have a single digit number in the middle of it. Have you ever wondered what it means? 

In 1969-70 there was world wide attention to environmental issues crowning the first Earth Day. The recycling symbol is in the public domain, and is not a trademark, although a large recycle company based out of Chicago tried to make it such. This company sponsored a contest for art and design students at high schools and colleges across the country to come up with an image. The prize was college tuition. It was won by a 23-year-old senior at the University of Southern California, whose entry is the well known universal recycling symbol, as we know it today, the chasing arrows.
The 3 arrows mean that there are three kinds of different recycling purposes. The white arrows on a black back ground indicate the product is from 100% recycled materials. Black arrows and the arrows outlined in black indicate that the product is 100% or partially recyclable. Now for the numbers. What do they all mean? FYI: in the light of our health, these are not just for recycling. It’s important to know what these numbers mean when it comes to buying food and drinks in plastic containers. Plastic containers are made from petro and nylon agents and can leach into your food and drinks. Not only that, the containers that you’ve got in your cupboards for leftovers could be unsafe also, leaching these chemicals into your foods.
This is the thing—when your food and drink taste like plastic, it’s because the plastic is now part of your food!!!  So to protect yourself, you can become better educated about this matter. That’s where I start and you continue. The worst ones are # 3, 6 and 7.  Do not purchase or store food or drink from the containers and bottles with these numbers on them.  And check your plastic storage containers that you have in your cupboards. Also, when a container indicates that you should not use in a microwave, then you really shouldn’t. The safest containers for purchasing or storing food is glass. Always purchase oils in glass or metal. NEVER plastic.
Happy to be
Gerri Gatto, The nofad Weight Loss coach