Read all about it: “The number of prescription drugs grows faster than the population.”  Did you know that in a 10 year period, 1993-2003, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Prescription Drug Trends report, that the purchase of prescriptions incresed by 70% in the U.S. while the American population growth inceased by only 13%? The average American will take 12 prescription drugs each year. Many will take all of the 12 different prescriptions every day! Many new drugs come out each year to help “fight” depression and “cure” diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Yet America is near the top of the sickest countries in the world.
These drugs aren’t cheap either. Like clipping coupons or shopping at Aldi to get their food budget lower and affordable, people are going to generic! This is insane!! Last year Americans spent $72 on average for a generic prescription, versus $198 for the brand-name drug, according to consulting firm Wolters Kluwer Pharma Solutions. It doesn’t matter what people take drugs for, they all will agree that one prescription drug causes a health problem forcing the doctor to write yet another prescription. It’s always more drugs, never less. Think about how many pills 12 prescriptions a day are. A person taking an average of 3 pills per prescription is taking 36 pills a day and that comes to 1,080 pills a month. WOW!  And let’s just say all are from a generic brand. That comes to $864.00 in just one month’s time to “heal” their ills. Another WOW!! I’m sorry, but this isn’t health care.
The average person who gets caught in this trap is someone who can’t sleep at night and goes to their family doctor for a diagnosis and cure. So the doctor either prescribes a drug or if they can’t find anything wrong, recommends a specialist who prescribes a medicine. When a rash develops after a week, the family doctor prescribes a med for that. After a few weeks a headache develops and a little depression. The family doctor recommends a specialist who prescribes a med for the headache and another specialist for the depression, because they “can’t really find anything wrong.” Do you get the picture? The scenario goes on for up to 12 medications a day and maybe even 12 doctors!  What your insurance doesn’t pick up, you might spend thousands of dollars on on MRI’s and blood work. You are at the point of counting pills and making a list of what pills to take with or without food, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Your life is filled with going to doctors and “taking care of yourself”!
Here’s what to do if you are taking multitudes of prescription drugs:
  1. Use the same pharmacy for ALL your prescriptions. The pharmacist will know if there are any interactions between the medicines, and they will inform you. Also, you can ask them questions if you have any concerns
  2. Keep a list of prescriptions and show the list to any physician introducing a new medication
  3. If at all possible introduce one medication at a time so you can manage how your body reacts to the new perscription
  4. Check out the websites and  where people will report about any reactions to a prescription drug
  5. If you want to use alternatives or just start over again from the beginning, NEVER, NEVER stop cold turkey
  6. Point of Return educates patients about the effects of prescription medications and helps them outline an “exit strategy” for safely tapering off highly addictive varieties of prescription drugs

If you know someone who could use this information, please let them know about the websites.

This is the thing—make a decision what you will do if the doctor says it’s cancer or diabetes. Make the decision NOW how you will approach an illness and what you will say to your doctor. Because when it happens, believe me, you will panic. Fear and No Hope without the assistame of the medical world, is in the voice of every doctor that will diagnose you or a loved one. And what if it’s not that serious, will you be caught in the trap also? A serious condition or not, decide NOW what you will do when that time comes. Because it is coming
Happy to be

Gerri Gatto, your weight loss coach