Springtime is a time to connect back to nature after a long winter inside. But be aware of the toxic dangers lurking everywhere:

  • Sun screen: In 2014 the Environmental Working Group (EWG) reviewed 2000 sunscreen products and 75% contained toxic chemicals: Oxybenzone ~ OMC ~ Avobenzone ~ Homosalate that mimic estrogen and can increase your risk of cancer and other health issues. The EWG reports that Vitamin A found in sunscreen can pose a potential threat to skin health also
  • Sun exposure: Too much sun reverses all the good it can do and creates havoc, putting you in danger of heat stroke, sunburn, heat rash, skin cancer and accelerates ageing of skin
  • Eating more fruits: I love, love, love watermelon. But the food combining rules say I shouldn’t eat melons after a hamburger. It will sour and rot in my gut, leaving my digestive system weak and vulnerable to disease
  • Ice cream shops: opening up in the spring thru early fall. Besides the sugar, there are mono-diglycerides (a trans-fat not required to be reported on the label), propylene glycol (a.k.a. antifreeze), Polysorbate 80 (a synthetic compound), calcium sulfate, artificial flavoring and artificial coloring. Yikes!!
  • Outside fun: means rehydrating in warmer weather, drinking carbonated soft drinks. Like artificial coloring in soft drinks isn’t bad enough, the added carbon dioxide pumped in – is the same toxic air we breathe out and that – mosquitoes are attracted to! (Coke’s claim to fame is phosphoric acid, a food-grade chemical linked to kidney disease/stones and the rising increase of osteoporosis!)
  • Allergies to mold/pollen: mimics a cold with sneezing, wheezing, sore throat, and fever if an infection occurs. De-congestions, painkillers and antihistamines are administered without considering the dangerous side effects like depression, nervousness, nosebleeds and headache, to name a few!
  • Spiders and ants are coming out: all commercial pesticides are very dangerous to children and pets BUT are considered safe by the FDA; although instructed to not inhale or spay around food!  
  • Mosquito repellents: very necessary but are highly dangerous and reported to cause confusion, seizures and even death. Bug repellents’ neurotoxins affect the central nervous system of the bug that comes in contact with it — but with 65% absorption into our skin, DEET affects humans the same way!
  • Increased outdoor activity: creates lactic acid and soreness from muscle exertion. Painkillers can relieve pain, but are highly toxic to the liver

This is the thing…. if you want to enjoy your summer to the fullest, here’s a CHECKLIST of things you can do:  

Apply a safer and more effective sunscreen that contains zinc oxide ~ titanium dioxide ~ NO vitamin A. When working or playing outdoors, don’t depend on sunscreen alone: wear a hat, long sleeve cotton shirt and sunglasses

Take in 20 minutes of sun a day to increase your “happy” hormone called serotonin, which also improves sleep and produces Vitamin D. Sun is essential for health. However, be aware that sunburn can reverse all health benefits

Follow the Food Combining rules: fruit digests in 15 minutes and watermelon takes only 10 minutes to leave your stomach; eat fruit before eating any other foods, to assure good digestion and a happy gut! FYI, eat watermelon by itself or with melons only; apples, pineapples (fresh) and papaya are the only fruits that should be eaten with food as a digestive aid. Many food combinations for improving digestion are in The nofad Weight Loss program in Session #9

Buy store bought ice cream and look for simple ingredients like milk, cream, sugar and guar gum (a starch); find a soft ice cream recipe on line that doesn’t require an ice cream maker

Replace carbonated drinks with ice tea or lemon water, sweeten with stevia. Green tea has been associated with weight loss and ginger tea helps digestion. Better uses for cola: Rids ugly calcium/rust ring inside the toilet; Removes rust stains on metal, stubborn grease stain on clothing and blood off cement

Consider homeopathic mold remedy from www.BioAllers.com, every 20 minutes till allergy attack is relieved, then maintain 3x daily; supplement daily with herbal remedies bromelain, quercetin and local honey. In addition: eat fresh pineapple; place essential oils behind ears for quick relief when pollen is high. Google essential oils for allergy relief for some great ideas!

Keep creepy crawlers outside by spaying tea tree/peppermint oils around windows, vents and doorways. Sprinkle cinnamon in play sandbox to deter them and sprinkle DE (diatomaceous earth) in bugs’ nesting places   

Use safe mosquito repellents: citronella/tea tree/peppermint oil is a combo that can also safely be used on pets. Studies show lemon/eucalyptus oil combo is just as effective as DEET (mix 1:1 with water). From Reader’s Digest www.rd.com 8 foods to defend against bug. 31 natural bug repellents www.NaturalLivingIdeas.com

Relieve tight/strained muscles: do mild stretching; eat protein rich foods (meats/nuts/seeds); apply tiger balm; Google essential oils for sore muscles; Magnesium malate or glycinate (300-400 mg) reduces lactic acid; increase water and add a pinch of Himalayan salt; take an Epsom salt bath (high in magnesium; will absorb in your skin)