My name is Vince. I’m 60 years old and I have been overweight for 29 years.  I was a very heavy smoker and quit smoking when I was 31 and ballooned up within a few months.  At the time I quit smoking I weighed about 220lbs.  I’m 6 feet tall and I worked out every day.  After I quit smoking my weight went to well over 300 lbs.  I struggled with prepackaged food diets, fasting, protein shakes and the like. I would lose 50lbs., stop eating the programs foods and then I would gain it all back and more. I would work out harder and harder. Because I worked out so hard, I would get extremely hungry for good food so I would reward myself with as much food as I would need to satisfy myself.

My wife, who was involved in health and nutrition with her profession, was always trying to encourage me to eat less and eat the right kinds of foods.  She had helped multitudes of her own customers with their health and weight problems.  But she was MY WIFE.  Why would I want to listen to her?  My solution was to work out harder and just get my muscles larger to compensate for all of this extra weight.  I was over 300 lbs., but to many, I didn’t look it because I was so solid.  The problem is that my belly and butt were big and solid too!  People would always call me “big guy.” What man doesn’t want to be big?  Then one day as I was getting dressed in front of the full length mirror in my bed room, I caught a glimpse of my Big Guy body profile. I stopped getting dressed and stood there in my undershorts and took a long hard look at myself and then I said to myself out loud, “Hey big guy? NO! You’re a fat guy, a REAL FAT GUY”!  At that point in my life I said to myself, “Where will this end?”  How much heavier will I get?  I just turned 59 the month before. I had a heart attack 9 years prior and always had one to two bouts of lower back muscle spasms every year and sometimes would keep me bedridden for 2-3 weeks at a time.  When my grandkids would come over I would get on the floor and give them a 10 second horsey ride and would have to call it quits. Then I would need help to get up or pull myself up from a chair. My knees were kinking up on me all the time.  My ankles or should I say kankles were always swollen.  My back was always tight and on edge, ready to go out on me. It was time to make a major change.

My wife is Gerri Gatto, the weight loss coach.  She helped me lose 70 lbs. in 6 months with a common sense, no fad weight loss program that was customized to my liking.  I can honestly say that I have never felt hungry. I eat what I need to eat at the times I need to eat. I have gradually changed my eating habits to all good ones.  I lost the weight and I’ve kept it off for 15 months now.   I went from 310 lbs. to 240.  I’m able to work out longer, but I don’t feel it.  I can jog and run now.  I can squat down and play with my grandkids.  I can crawl around with them on my back giving them horsey rides for 10-15 minutes at a time; my ankles are no longer swollen.  I dropped 9” off my waist and went from a size 52 jacket that was very tight to a 50 that’s very loose.   My ultimate goal is to lose another 20 lbs. over the next 12 months. Gerri is now working with my food combining. That along with a few more exercise changes on my part and I’ll be well on my way.

I never fear that I’ll gain my weight back. I truly feel that from what I’ve been taught that I’m in control. It’s truly a great feeling.  By the way, no one calls me ‘big guy’ anymore.  Now everyone says, “What did you do?  You look great.  You look like a different person.  You look 10-15 years younger!”



My name is Cherish I’m 27 years old, and I have always struggled with saying “NO” to things that I know are not good for me. I have had trouble staying at a healthy weight, and it is always up and down – never steady. I have done boot camps, going to the gym, and working out on my own. However, if my eating habits ever fall off then I always stop my routines, because I feel like I’m working at nothing if my eating habits are bad.

When I started the program with Gerri I was very reluctant, because I have taken nutrition courses in the past. I have been studying in the medical field for awhile, so of course I figured I have the knowledge – is it going to be beneficial? The answer was a big “YES” of course! Not only was I learning things that I did not know before, but I was also very much accountable to someone for what I was eating. I also felt/feel very accountable to myself. I had a journal that I would read, and it really makes a difference when something is on paper and there is a record of all the good and the bad that I would eat.
The most significant thing that I felt like I learned about was definitely the food combining. It makes sense, right? That there are things that simply don’t mix well together, or digest well together. Never had I ever thought about this concept in all my 27 years, and now I think about it all the time. Even though I thought I knew about nutrition, it’s different when you have someone who is as passionate about it as Gerri. I now eat with a purpose, and I try to make that purpose a healthy one. I really have such a different experience now every time I walk into a grocery store, and I feel good about what I put into my body!


Thank God for Gerri Gatto’s No Fad Weight Loss Program. Now when people who knew me just a few months ago see me now they say, “Wow, what happened to you?” I tell them, ‘It’s my lifestyle coach, Gerri Gatto and her No Fad Weigh Loss program. It’s a lifestyle of enjoying food and not enduring dieting!

Here’s what happened to me. Four years ago I tipped the scale at 220 lbs. I went to my doctor about it but she didn’t want to give me diet pills or appetite control stuff. She recommended some things and like most people I eliminated all fat from my diet. I stopped eating butter, stopped enjoying life without cream in my coffee. I counted calories for a while and even limited myself to a grueling 590 calories a day, eating no fat and low-fat foods; walked on a treadmill daily and even several times a day. After starving and being miserable I got down to 189 pounds. But after 2 years of dieting, starving and being miserable, I gave up. I threw in the towel and gained it all back. I tried again and after another 2 years got down to 213.5 lbs. This weight was way too heavy for my medium 5’2” frame. Everywhere I turned my clients, friends and pastor were all doing things to help them live a healthier lifestyle. I was not willing to change or have anything to do with “dieting” at my age. I really enjoyed boatloads of pasta and mashed potatoes and gravy and bread galore, but not enjoying the results.

What pushed me over the edge is when my pastor mentioned from the pulpit about what helped him. He mentioned a couple suggestions for losing weight and then he mentioned Gerri Gatto also as one resource to go to since she knows a lot about health and nutrition. I was skeptical but convicted. I had to do something…I was way out of control.  So I contacted her but told her I didn’t want to do anything weird or strange to lose weight. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but you can image I had it with dieting! All I can say is that Gerri transformed my life with her program that she put together and her personal one on one coaching. I am so glad I responded to my pastor’s advice and contacted Gerri. She has been a godsend to me in the area of health and nutrition. I am enjoying life as I lose the weight. I’m learning so much about food and what to eat and how to eat. It is fun and amazing. I love this program!

I officially started with Gerri as my lifestyle coach on February 3, 2016 and I weighed in at 213.5 pounds. On August 2, 2016 just 5 months later I weighed in at 167.5 pounds. I lost an amazing 46.5 pounds! All while eating my delicious food! I’m about halfway through my weight loss goals. I have another 47 pounds to go. I’m looking forward to next year at this time when I can look back at my accomplishment.

If you’re struggling and think nothing will work, give Gerri a call and meet up with her and let her explain the program. What have you got to lose?  She’s been a tremendous asset and life saver to me. Gerri is a great coach!

By the way, since starting the program I went to my doctor and showed her Gerri’s sessions that I put in a binder book. She was so impressed at my result; she recommended the program to other patients!



I started the nofad weight loss program because I had gained a lot of weight since my last pregnancy. I had tried several other “diets” but the weight came back and it brought friends!!  At first when I called in, I thought I would be “in trouble” for how I thought I had failed the week before- not so.  After a couple of minutes on the phone I was very encouraged! I soon realized that this program is not only a weight loss plan but a life changing experience! Thank you Gerri!



My name is Alisha and I am 23 years old. I have had a weight problem most of my childhood years.  7 years ago I started working out with a trainer, gaining muscle but only losing a total of 20 lbs. On the advice of my trainer, I had reduced my calories to 1600 a day and I was on low-fat foods and prepackaged foods, not caring what chemicals or bad ingredients were in them.  Gaining some weight during college I thought I’d have to get back on the foods I’d eaten before when I lost weight.  I call this a “yo- yo diet”.

During the time that I had Gerri as my Weight Loss Coach, I lost about 20 pounds in 4 months.  However, she taught me more valuable information than losing weight. The things I learned were healthy habits that I include in my everyday routine, such as what to drink upon waking,  the importance of certain minerals and enzymes,  when to eat what and WHY and what supplement to take before bed every night, customizing it for my needs.  Losing weight was easy when I focused on how MY body reacts to what and when I eat.  That’s what helps me stay on track.  And by doing all of these things that she has taught me, I feel a lot healthier.  Towards the end of my time working with Gerri, I hit a plateau due to my dedication or lack of it.  However, she has given me the right knowledge and understanding (tools) that makes it so easy to get back on track and shed those few pounds faster than you know it.

I think that starting to include the healthy habits that Gerri teaches are a huge step in the right direction to keeping your body healthy and living for a long time. My advice is to not get over whelmed with everything, and to take all of her instructions one step at a time.  This is actually the way she teaches.

Working with Gerri made me realize that calorie counting and eating low fat food is notthe answer to losing weight. There is so much that weight loss programs don’t cover. Gerri helps you in the way of understanding so you can keep it in your brain when you go to eat out or prepare a meal.  Like for instance good fat and protein are good for you—yes FAT is GOOD for you!  We hear from the “experts” to eat less food and low-fat foods to lose fat, but that’s NOT the truth!   And also would you have ever guessed that the type of foods you eat together can make a difference on how it digests?  Well, if you don’t you should definitely start asking this wonderful weight loss coach some questions and get yourself on the right track to your nutrition/health/weight loss goals!

Alisha, Chicago, IL.



My doctor said it would be very hard for me to lose weight because of all the different steroids I took over the past 8 years.  I’m not discouraged, I lost 13 lbs. in 1 month and my clothes are feeling bigger!

Even though I have messed up some, like eating something on the “no no” list, I can still feel a difference in myself.  I have a longer time of energy and stamina.  After walking in Chicago 2 times this past week and having 3 children in the age bracket of 8 – 10, they all complained of walking from Union Station to Navy Pier but I was still ready to walk longer!!  I am 63 years old.  My sleep pattern has improved greatly. I think with cleansing my system daily and watching not to eat foods contaminated with chemicals has helped my hormones to level off in which enables me to sleep better and not stay up all night.  I can now go to bed and sleep all night. I don’t have to wait until 2 in the morning to fall asleep!!!

I am walking for now and will start to use weights soon. I know this is the next step..   .

I may not be skinny yet, but I sure do feel better!

Thanks Gerri!!!!

Pam, Pingree Grove, IL.