These are some of what I teach my clients as a weight loss coach on the NoFad Weight Loss Program. It will start you thinking about the upcoming family gatherings and celebrations. I teach a lifestyle change, a “diet” that you can live with and actually enjoy. I don’t believe in waiting for the right time because that will never happen. Did you know that….

  • Exercise is not the key to losing weight as most weight loss programs and gym coaches would have you believe. What is important, in short, is to get some cardio in. The burn from a strenuous workout doesn’t burn fat. It’s the workout from within your metabolism that burns fat.  That means, what you eat will determine the fat burning and stop the fat storing process.
  • Calories are important, but you shouldn’t be obsessed so much with calories, but nutrients. Let me explain: If I eat a lunch that consists of 2 creamed filled doughnuts and a cup of coffee with 2 teaspoons of sugar at 500 calories, would that be the same as a tuna sandwich or a chicken salad? NO! Of course not, but too many weight loss programs are all about calories and not value
  • Calorie counting is necessary, even though I just said it isn’t. But be honest with yourself, you’re not 100 pounds (or even 10 pounds) overweight because you didn’t eat enough. In reality, if you’d eat just a little less, the food you do eat would count for energy, not storage. DO NOT starve yourself as this can affect your metabolism into thinking you’re in a famine. This makes the body hang onto and store All the calories in your fat cells!
  • Even though everyone has different needs, here are some basic rules: Eat breakfast as a King, lunch as a Queen and dinner as a Poor Man. So in other words, have a large breakfast, a little smaller lunch and the last meal should be the smallest. Don’t eat after 7:00 pm and drink a glass of water upon arising in the morning.

This is the thing…if you haven’t a mindset and motivation to make a change, then nothing can happen long term. If you want a permanent change for good in your life, it won’t start happening because everything is perfect. Circumstances are neither here nor there, so STOP the excuses. Because that perfect time will never come.  Just start today. Some people might think that making the commitment to look and feel good will happen on January 1st. And that might happen. But here’s a thought, what’s so special about January 1st that you can’t make December 1st just as special?  Let your New Year start today!  The benefits will far outweigh (no pun intended) the waiting.