Tis the season to….. over indulge. The Holiday season brings family together, enjoying each others company. Sometimes I think it’s more about the food then the people. You don’t hear me complaining. I love cooking and it’s especially fun with my girls. And if family and friends are from out of town, the eating just keeps going on till all have left to go back home.  This does not always make for a blissfulness feeling in the gut. I promise myself every year  NOT to overeat. And when I keep my promise to myself, I always feel better and have more fun. But….

This is the thing— we have to deal with the consequences at this time of year when we might overindulge. Here are some foods that can help make the process a little easier.

  • Apples raw or cooked are great for a digestive aid and eases constipation
  • Lemons improve the liver’s ability to breakdown toxins by up to 30%.  Drink a cup of fresh lemon and water sweetened with honey, first thing in the morning
  • Papayas, Pineapples, along with apples, are the only fruits to be eaten right after a meal to replace the enzymes lost from cooked foods. Serve these fruits with the festive foods and use ONLY fresh cut, never canned!
  • Oatmeal for breakfast will help absorb some fat. Don’t cheat with instant, it’s loaded with sugar. Instead cook whole oats and add raisins and honey or maple syrup, NOT white sugar
  • Ginger, Mint or Rosemary Herbal Tea served during a large meal or fatty meal can help digestion
  • Spices are not just for flavor. Nutmeg can be used to warm the body, Allspice relieves indigestion, Cinnamon suppress appetite and Vanilla reduces the craving for chocolate
  • Honey boosts energy and has a great source of vitamins and minerals for the immune system
  • Maple syrup in place of artificial sweetener or white sugar, helps improve liver health
  • Dark chocolate instead of light chocolate is rich in flavanoids if it’s 70% Cacao or higher. Or try carob for a change

Did you know that it’s false about turkey making you sleepy?  Studies have found that the amino acid, L-tryptophan, can have that effect IF it were eaten by itself. However, eaten with other foods inhibits the absorption of this amino acid. The real reason a nap is so appealing after any big meal is the large amount of energy it takes to digest it.  According to Milton Stokes, R.D., spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, the blood is diverted away from the nervous system to the digestive system, where it needs to break down food and absorb nutrients. The body signals you to rest because it’s working very hard.  And FYI: Your liver, kidneys as well as the heart also are working overtime when we over indulge. So, just a word of caution.

When your company stays for a day or so don’t be tempted to show off all your favorite gorment meals, which are usually very starchy with potatoes, bread or pasta, heavy with gravies and filled with butter fat, whipping cream and cream cheese. Instead use the leftover turkey for stews and soups that have plenty of nutritionally  packed veggies like onion, garlic, celery and carrots. Let breakfast be oatmeal. Cook with raisins and cinnamon. Once in the bowl, I like to top it with walnuts and a little honey or maple syrup. Your company will appricieate these comforting meals.

People that have been on my weight loss program, share with me that they have not missed a lick. They get to eat everything that’s served including the desserts (and you know there is always more than 1 desert served), WITHOUT gaining any weight back from what they lost.  I love hearing those testimonies. Because The nofad Weight Loss Program is more than a change of weight, it’s a change of thinking,. The benefit is that the weight comes off!!  And it comes off without any pain.
Happy to be
Gerri Gatto, your weight loss coach